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Six Quality Control Advantages

Rigorous work attitude and professional ability

The quality inspectors of Nano have worked for more than 10 years on average, and each has their own skills.

Advanced measuring equipment

Laser interferometer, three-coordinate, electronic level and other high-precision detection instruments

Real-time on-line quality monitoring

For ultra-high precision products with real-time on-line detection capabilities, so that products on the machine can be carried out on three-coordinate machine testing to improve processing efficiency

Strict control of the processing environment

In order to ensure the accuracy and temperature and humidity control of the precision processing environment, ensure that the temperature is constant at 21 degrees Celsius and the humidity is 40%.

Data analysis support provided by our own laboratory

Strict sampling and analysis of materials, control the quality of materials from the source to ensure that customers'products achieve the best.

Quality process control

Strict tracking and monitoring of product processing, traceability of products through barcodes and process control cards to ensure process quality and product progress tracking.
NANO is a modern enterprise integrating the research and application of epoxy composite granite - mineral casting materials for machinery, providing one-stop solution for high-end customers including product design and process, mold design and manufacturing, accessories assembly, etc.
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