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R&D Center
The only domestic research institutions dedicated to the application of resin-based mineral composite materials in precision machinery.
Technology & Service
Develop more suitable formulations according to customer machine type requirements.
Structural design and finite element analysis are carried out according to the application force and load environment of the customer's mineral castings.
Siemens modal test system to help customers obtain the natural frequency of each component unit, to avoid resonance and improve the dynamic performance of the machine.
According to the different temperature field of the product, the corresponding embedded cooling water pipe is designed to carry out constant temperature control.
Processing Flow
Sales Opportunity Management
Project Management
Mold Making and Product Pouring
Precision Machining
Spray Paint
Industry Leading Processing Capabilities

The Largest Imported Automatic Mixing Pouring Equipment in the industry, 9 tons/h

The key equipment of quality control ensures the consistency of material ratio, formula allocation and batch materials.

The Largest Molding Equipment with Exciting Force of 70 tons in the industry

Large bearing area, high frequency and high exciting force ensures the dense and defoaming volume density in the material forming process.

Several Large Gantry CNC Center

Several Large Gantry Guideway Grinders

Constant Temperature And Humidity Processing Workshop

Quality Management and Control
Nano's quality management and control covers all process quality control points and is certified by the British Standards Institute BSI ISO9001:2005.

The details include:

 Mold design
 Product design
 Mold assembly quality control
 Aggregate quality control (self-owned laboratory provides humidity, particle size testing, etc.)
 Quality control of pouring raw materials (batch sealing, testing, etc.)
 Process quality control (matching solutions for different products to meet process requirements)
 Quality control of single product placement (take no less than 9 samples for each product, conduct basic mechanical property testing, seal and record and trace the quality)
 Product processing accuracy control and testing (using advanced testing equipment, electronic level, laser interferometer, coordinate, height meter, etc.)
 Product packaging, storage and transportation quality control

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More than 30 years of stone processing experience and measurement expertise ensure that Nano Mineral Castings can be trusted!
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NANO is a modern enterprise integrating the research and application of epoxy composite granite - mineral casting materials for machinery, providing one-stop solution for high-end customers including product design and process, mold design and manufacturing, accessories assembly, etc.
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