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Precision Application

High precision surface
High Speed Machining

Vibration damping
Accuracy Preservation

Thermal stability
Flexible Design

Corrosion resistant, cold casting
The ldeal Material for Precision Machine
The latest technology in mineral casting is the non-moving parts of precision equipment made of epoxy granite. Epoxy granite is a kind of high filling composite material with quartz or granite as the main aggregate and epoxy resin as the binder. Compared with gray cast iron has the following advantages:

  • Vibration Damping
    Damping ratio
    is more than 10 times that of gray cast iron. This reduces the vibration generated during high-speed machining, improves the accuracy and speed of workpiece processing.
  • Corrosion Resistance
    Epoxy resin
    Can effectively solve the problem of immersion in oil and coolant, improving the service life and performance of equipment.
  • Environment-friendly
    Low energy consumption
    No toxic gas emissions, Reduces carbon dioxide emissions
  • High Precision
    Linear expansion coefficient
    10×10 -6 is less than 1/5 of cast iron. Insensitive to temperature changes, low thermal shrinkage, no local shrinkage, and less prone to thermal deformation.
  • Flexibility in Design
    Cold casting
    Allows for complex external shapes and structural designs
  • Cost Saving
    *No aging required, saving project time and accelerating cash flow
    *Parallel engineering, reducing later processing and assembly costs
Our Products
Why Nano Mineral Castings?

Epoxy Granite Formula

 Single natural granite aggregate More stable physical properties, higher precision can be achieved. Thanks to the small contact angle and large extension area of crushed granite, the bonding strength is high, not easy to produce cracks.

 Epoxy resin as the adhesive, with a dense molecular structure and high mechanical performance.


 Mature Process: The process is accumulated through long-term experience.
 9t/h Fully automatic pouring equipment realizes automatic measurement of different component ratios.
 70t Vibration molding equipment relies on vibration frequency to eliminate bubbles, ensuring uniformity and different compaction densities, with a maximum of 2.8g/cm3.


 Three precision molding methods include:
Guide rail grinding and manual grinding
Replication and coating
Synthetic surface with granite, metal and ceramic

to meet different precision needs and solve various complex problems.


 One-stop service
Technical training on structural design and application of mineral casting
Product structure design
Modal Analysis and Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Mold design and manufacturing
Mechanical processing
Auxiliary accessories assembly
After-sale service and tracking


 Six Quality Control Advantages
Has passed the British Standard Institute bsi ISO9001:2005 quality management certification
The results of the University of Aachenin spection report show that our mineral castings have the best overall performance


 Serving the world's leading enterprises:
DMG                           GLEASON
CHIRON                     SIMENS
GF                               HWACHEON
SCHAEFFLER            Agie Charmilles
Rollomatic                 DOOSAN
MANZ                         Hyundai Wia
Mineral Cast Industry Benchmark
With the highest accuracy and best mechanical property.
Additional Service
Three factors of static stiffness, dynamic performance and thermal performance are considered in the selection of materials used for functional parts of precision machine tools.

The static stiffness reflects the structural strength and can be determined according to the mechanical properties parameter table.
Thermal performance is reflected in the deformation of the material when the temperature field changes, which can be obtained by the linear expansion coefficient of the material and the actual test data.
The dynamic performance is very abstract and the most critical factor affecting the accuracy of the machine tool, we can carry out modal testing through the Siemens modal test system, obtain the natural frequency of each component unit, combined with finite element analysis and structural improvement measures, avoid the generation of resonance, improve the dynamic performance of the machine tool.

Physical Parameter Comparison Table

Mineral Casting Cast lron Natural Granite
Volume Density/g/cm3 2.3-2.8 6.6-7.4 2.65-3.02
Compressive Strength/MPa 135-170 50-120 245-254
Tensile Strength/MPa 16-20 10-40 without
Bending Strength/MPa 30-45 21-68 37.5
Elasticity Modulus/GPa 35-45 115-160 48
Poisson's Ratio 0.2-0.3 0.23-0.27 0.125
Thermal Expansivity/K-1 6.7-8.5*10-6 8.5-11.6*10-6 5.7-7.34*10-6
Thermal Conductivity W/(m·K) 1.25 39.2 2.5
Specific Heat Capacity J/( kg · K ) 1097 470 750
HB Brinell Hardness without 143-269 without
Hygroscopic Coefficient /% <0.10% without <0.13%
NANO is a modern enterprise integrating the research and application of epoxy composite granite - mineral casting materials for machinery, providing one-stop solution for high-end customers including product design and process, mold design and manufacturing, accessories assembly, etc.
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